My favourite place- Hawaii

With the wedding festivities finished, it now means London adventures for the next few days. #uk #ukholiday #london #bigben
Recovering after yesterday’s festivities today. The wedding was fabulous! #uk #bestfriendswedding
Ready for our besties wedding!
It was cold out there this morning. My fingers and toes didn’t like it one little bit! a slow 11km done. #running #runningmakesmehappy #cold #winterrunning
A super-hero theme at Run Club this afternoon. Loved it! We did also do some serious running stuff. Is good to add some fun to the session! #running #runclub #innerwest #superheroes #dressups #fun (thanks to @annaquanlabel for this pic!)
Tomorrow the duck eggs arrive at work. One of the highlights for me last year was looking after the ducks! Can’t wait to be Duck Mama again! #ducks #quack #ducklings #hatchngrow
It’s #parkrunday! Soggy 5km done and dusted, and we received our 50 shirts today! Yay!  #parkrun #parkrunau #stpetersparkrun #wetparkrun #running #runningintherain
Last night was great but paying for it today.  Sore body, blisters, so much dancing! #arminonly #arminvanbuuren #AOSYD #intense
So many people did so many great things at the SMH Half Marathon this morning.  Me? I discovered my pink jacket has reflective bits, and managed to run my 7km and make the relay transition area in time for my relay partner to be able to run. I was really anxious about that pre-run.  Under normal conditions, that would have been more than achievable with time to spare.  Sporting the itb injury AND banging my knee on furniture this week, causing a fair bit of pain, it was getting doubtful.  In the end, I was really happy with my time, given the forced walk intervals.  I don’t know why I didn’t sign up for the half marathon (the decision not to do it was made back in January) but next year I will do it.  I have studied the map very carefully, and apart from one or two small sections, I run these routes allll the time. Just need to combine them into one long run.  That would be fun!!

My knee has reacted exactly as the physio said it would.  Hurt during the run, and swollen after.  Icing it all day and it’s a bit better now.  Now onto the next challenge….
On my walk tonight I explored this structure, ‘A Folly For Mrs Macquarie’. I noticed the padlocks attached to it, with names or initials of couples engraved on them. One that intrigued me was the red combination lock. If someone happens to crack the code will Megan and Ali part ways? Who are Megan and Ali? And why did they choose a combination lock?
#curious #whoaremeganandali
Thinking about upcoming holidays…. #london #maui #travel #holidays

So today I went for a run.

Well, kinda. The physio said I would be all good to go, that I could run up until any neck/back pain, and even then I could run as much as I could stand any pain or discomfort. And my knee should be fabulous he said, with all the rest it’s had thanks to the rest of my body.

So I decided to give the treadmill a go. That way if it got too painful, I wasn’t a few kilometres from home or wherever. That way I could just set a (slow) speed and run.

My goal was to run for as long as i could, hopefully reaching somewhere between 5-6km.

Well… I was thrilled that the neck issue was very manageable. There was tightness, but it seemed to come on when I wasn’t running with good form, when I would tend to keep my arms stiff and still. Once i realised that, as soon as I added some more movement in my arms, the neck eased off….. TICK

However, the knee. Seriously, after three weeks of no running, and physio, and stretching, and rolling, and all that rest, you would think it would be right. Nope. Within 500 metres I began to feel a niggle right in that spot in my knee, and it got worse. It wasn’t bad by any means, but it was there. Rather than push until it was more than a niggle, I decided to do a bit of a run/walk combo. Run 1km, walk 100 metres. It helped. The niggle was still there but it didn’t get worse. I did notice that if I concentrated on a different running style, landing differently on my feet, it completely disappeared. But then I started getting strange pains in my feet, and it didn’t feel right. The way I described it to a trainer afterwards was it felt like there was this constant argument going on between my feet, ankles, calves and knee the entire time. One style the knee hurt, another the calves, change again and the feet said no. My gut instinct says I need to get rid of my orthotics. More and more I get that feeling they are not doing me any good anymore.

Talk about frustrating! But I did get to 5km doing my run/walk combo and decided to stop there. Could have easily kept going but don’t want to overload the whole knee/ITB issue. Slowly slowly, must build up slowly!

But although I was devastated that the knee flared up, I was happy with that today. It was awfully slow though, but I just have to live with that.

Lots of stretching and rolling tonight, and hanging out in my sexy compression pants (quads are like “WTF! What did you do to us!”)

btnursey yes, GC half marathon in July. Last year it was my first half (and only) and I had an Achilles injury in the lead up to it, and still got a fabulous result, so was really keen to see what I could do this year with some focussed, more guided, specific training.  Not to be it seems!

btnursey yes, GC half marathon in July. Last year it was my first half (and only) and I had an Achilles injury in the lead up to it, and still got a fabulous result, so was really keen to see what I could do this year with some focussed, more guided, specific training. Not to be it seems!

Playing The Waiting Game

Now, yes, I agree with this wholeheartedly. But at the moment it’s a case of no running and not being happy.

About three and a half weeks ago, I had a bit of a knee issue. Right at the end of a 13km run my knee suddenly began to hurt, sharp and stabby, and just got worse and worse. Couldn’t even walk properly. Promptly made a physio appointment and just as I suspected thanks to Dr Google, an ITB issue. All good, some treatment, some taping and all good to go.

Then it got worse. Some more treatment, trying out some other taping styles and still no good, so I decided, nope, there was no way I was doing the 10km event I had planned in Newcastle. I would rather rest it for that, and focus on getting it right for GC half marathon in July.

But, as it turned out, that wasn’t the worst of my problems. One morning I woke with the most painful neck and shoulders and back. So while seeing the physio for my knee, I also had that looked into. Uhm….ow. The last week I have had pain all over my back- from my neck, down to my lower back, through the centre of my back, in my hips and across my shoulders. Sometimes it hurts in two to three places at once. Sometimes it just hurts in one. And it is very random as to where it appears- in the morning my neck could ache. Suddenly it will disappear and my hips hurt. In the evening the pain will be present just below my shoulder blade.

So between needles, machines, painful massages (I have never had physio hurt like it has these last three weeks), heat packs and lots of taping of both my knee and my back, I am still not running. My knee is all good now, well not completely, but the treatment has definitely worked some. My back on the other hand is the reason I am not running. The pain isn’t as bad as it was, so yes I can say the treatment is also working there, but it will still be another week before I can run again. At least. And then it will be building back up again. I doubt I will even be able to do parkrun for a good while yet.

And what does this mean for Gold Coast? Well that is fairly obvious, I am out. Am really upset about that, but even if I do start running again in the next week, there is just not enough time to build up the distance from where I will have to start back from. I can sense it will be even more frustrating on the day of the run too, as by then I will be more than fit to run, just not that distance.

So no running for me. Just waiting for this back of mine to start cooperating. Yesterday I thought I was on track with the planned recovery schedule. Then today I feel like I have gone backwards. Apparently though, this is the way it is supposed to play out. At least I can get some comfort in that, knowing that it’s behaving as expected. And to be honest, I have plans for running a half marathon in Maui in January, and would rather that Gold Coast becomes a weekend getaway to cheer on friends, and then be good for Maui. It’s just so long to wait, and by then it would have been a year and a half between goal events. Way too long for my liking.

Fingers crossed this time next week I will be reporting that I just completed a run!

Can I say owwww! #itb #pain #physio #ihateneedles