My favourite place- Hawaii

Another great run! Was supposed to be 20km. I think I actually ran my furthest distance ever as one point I stopped the garmin to stretch at the traffic lights and forgot to turn it back on until about 500m down the road! So past 21.1! New gu = win!!! #running #halfmarathontraining #melbournehalfmarathonhereicome #gu #melbournehalfmarathon #peanutbutter #runningmakesmehappy #sydney #melbourne #nevergiveup #neverwanttostoprunning


'The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)' from #U2SongsOfInnocence on iTunes

So glad the new album is out. Especially as I really really really like a good chunk of the songs on the album. Way better than the last album.

Now to prepare for the eventual dilemma!

Me tomorrow morning.  Melbourne, am ready for an awesome 18km, bring it on!

(In reality, I am freaking out I won’t wake up in time, or I will end up running too slow and not make it to where I need to be in time!)

Am enjoying Melbourne though.  Contemplating adding extra nights when am back down here for the half marathon….
Oh to be there!

Half-marathon training… again!

Every week after I have a fabulous run, I think about finally getting around and updating this, but it never happens.

But today, here I am. Why now? Truthfully, I am putting off the chore of taking everything off the clothesline and finding somewhere to put it.

However, let me update on my running plans and what has been happening.

Coming up:

-21st September. Blackmores Bridge Run (9km)-
If you know me, you know I haven’t had much success two years running with this one. The first time I was a tad disappointed, I was sure I could have gotten a better time. The second year, I should have got a pb, the result I got was not at all indicative of where I was with my running at the time. It ended in tears. My coach thinks I am mad going back for a third time, but I am thinking “third time lucky”. Right? In anycase, I am in a different headspace this year so I may surprise myself. Plus, I know there is no chance of a PB so that pressure is off. But I still want the end result to reflect where I am right now. If it’s another disaster, then that’s it, no more. Why I am so hung up on running this one well I don’t know! I really can’t run those shorter distances well!

-12th October. Melbourne Half Marathon-
When Gold Coast didn’t happen, it kind of was just assumed this would be the next half marathon. By me and everyone. So I entered. Not aiming for a PB for this one. Have relaxed a bit with my running the last two months, so have no speed to back me up. My aim is to finish it uninjured, and enjoy it.

-18th January. Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon-
Cannot wait for this! A holiday and a running event in my favourite place on earth! I don’t even care what I do time wise for this, I will be on a high the whole entire time I am there!

Yep, that about sums it up!

So where am I currently at?

Well, I feel really good, both physically and mentally about my running at the moment (touch wood). I thought I would be in a different headspace altogether, as I knew my recent trip to the UK would mean hardly any running, no other training, and lots of alcohol, (I had had maybe four drinks all year previous to this). But I was prepared to make that sacrifice as it was my best mate’s wedding and I had other friends coming over as well, and was also meeting up with friends who live there. I had the best time, and yes, my running is much slower now (it was getting slow before that though with the injuries through April and May), but I don’t care. I wouldn’t trade the trip I had just to run faster now, not in a million years.

My main focus these last 4 weeks has been to get the distance up, with a little bit of a go at some of the faster paced runs and interval sessions. I am really paranoid about getting injured again. I had an Achilles injury in the lead up to Gold Coast last year, then the ITB and back issues this year, and I really don’t want to have to go through any of that again. So I have been cautious, maybe a little too cautious, but once I get a half-marathon successfully done with no injuries, then I have that base to start building on and focussing on PBs and the likes. I have really been loving my long runs. Haven’t even monitored the time or pace with them, just gone out there and ran and not wanted to stop. And so far so good- a few niggles post run, but with stretching, foam roller etc, they’ve eased off. It’s helped also that I have taken the pressure off myself about needing to stop to walk to take a drink of water- I used to feel like that meant I wasn’t a real runner, but as soon as I accepted that, and took those water/walk breaks, I have found it quickly helps to ease off any tightness that may be creeping up mid-run. Just this morning, about 11km in, I started to experience some major tightness in left ITB, which sent panic through my head, nooo not this side too, but after a 30 second walk, once I ran again, it had all but disappeared. I would rather take regular walk breaks to hydrate like that, and finish my runs feeling how I do right now, than go through that mental battle where I got upset with myself for needing to walk. Seriously, why did I do that? 30 seconds here and there does not mean I can’t do the distance!

So, that’s where I am at now. I am finding it a little difficult to get my running in at the moment as I have changed roles at work for a short time and it really eats into my running time, and I have a trip to Melbourne this coming weekend for a work thing, and have to somehow squeeze an 18km run in on a really tight full day schedule the whole time I am there. But even if I do skip a few, I am feeling really confident about finishing Melbourne, happy and uninjured.

New favourite! #gu #mintchocolate loved this one today. Felt like I was eating mint slices while out running. However am wondering if it’s the reason I spewed 5 mins after run was complete. had no issue with it while out there though. #running #runnerproblems #melbournehalfmarathon #melbournehalfmarathonhereicome #halfmarathontraining
What an awesome run! Didn’t want to stop. And the #gu was a semi-success. Fine when running with my hydrayion vest to keep washing the taste away, maybe won’t work in an event.
18.67 very comfortable kms!!
Am ready. 18km. 👟🏃👍Having to try new gels this morning as my ones are no longer stocked where I have been buying them for 2 years! So hard to find caffeine free ones in flavours that sound appealing. This could turn out bad!!😳😳 #running #runnerprobs   #melbournehalfmarathonhereicome #halfmarathontraining #melbourne #melbournehalfmarathon #hopeicanstomachthegu #gu
Now this is the way to go! Never have to go home!
View on my run this evening. Ran from home to the bay, a lap of the bay and back home. 15km done and dusted. Think am on track for the half marathon in Melbourne! Wishing I was running tomorrow, but instead I will be walking City2Surf with my work crew. #running #city2surf #melbournehalfmarathonhereicome #hungrynow #bayrun  (at Bay Run 7 Km)
So, this is the problem I have with Runner’s World.  The majority of the covers are female, which isn’t so bad, except she is almost always depicted in shorty shorts and a sports bra, and a completely toned body, without an ounce of body fat.  Very rarely does she wear a Tshirt, or a singlet of any kind. Very rarely does she look like the majority of female runners I know. The runners who have those bodies as depicted in these covers are either models running for the cover shoot, or professional runners who don’t need to be reading this magazine anyway.  While I personally don’t mind those pics from time to time on the cover, because let’s face it, that inner dream to one day maybe have the body to run in that outfit does help me to decide against an unnecessary snack or dessert, which is better for my health, I think I would prefer to see some real-life running bodies, dressed how I see most females running out there at parkrun and the various other running events.
Not happy about this part, hence the beverage. #london #heathrow #sad #holidayisover #corona  (at Bridge Bar Heathrow Airport)
Playing duckmama while out running in london this morning.  #uk #running #london #ducks #holiday  (at London, United Kingdom)
With the wedding festivities finished, it now means London adventures for the next few days. #uk #ukholiday #london #bigben
Recovering after yesterday’s festivities today. The wedding was fabulous! #uk #bestfriendswedding